There will be four (4) Conferences with twenty (20) teams per Conference.   Each Conference will have two (2) Divisions with ten (10) teams per division.  Divisions are named "Gold" and "Silver." Each team will play its nine (9) divisional opponents, as well as two conference opponents and one (1) non-division opponent for a total of twelve (12) games per season.  Formula for scheduling the two (2) conference games will be as follows:  Prior-season (Gold) #1 will play prior-season (Silver) #1 & #10.  Prior-season (Gold) #2 will play prior-season (Silver) #2 & #9.  Prior-season (Gold) #3 will play prior-season (Silver) #3 & #7. Etc.  Each team will be free to schedule its one (1) non-division opponent, keeping in mind that strength-of-schedule may be a determining factor in playoff seeding or bowl selection.  The three (3) non-divisional games will be scheduled during the first three weeks of the season.

Each team with the best nine-game divisional record is the champion of its Division.  Tie-breakers will be head-to-head, etc.  Champion of the Gold Division and Champion of the Silver Division will play each other for Conference Championship (essentially, a first-round playoff game).  The four (4) Conference Champions will be seeded #1 thru #4, with #1 vs. #4 and #2 vs. #3. (essentially, a semifinal playoff round).  The two (2) semifinal winners will play for the Division-1 Championship.

This is what 2018 Season might have looked like: 

     ACC-20:  12-0 Clemson (Gold) def. 10-2 Syracuse (Silver)

     SEC-20:   12-0 Alabama (Gold) def. 10-2 Florida (Silver)

     Big Twenty:  11-1 Oklahoma (Silver) def 11-1 Ohio State (Gold)

     PAC-20:  10-2 Washington St. (Gold) def. 10-2 Boise St. (Silver)

Semifinal Playoffs:

     #1 Alabama (13-0) def. #4 Washington St. (11-2)

     #2 Clemson (13-0) def. #3 Oklahoma (12-1)

Championship Game:

     #2 Clemson (14-0) def. #1 Alabama (14-0).....

                                  Clemson Tigers (15-0) National Champions!!!

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